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    Dedicated Motorcycle Transport Solutions

    Based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Daily Direct, LLC, offers motorcycle owners a full range of transportation solutions. Operating as HaulBikes, the firm assists individuals and companies in delivering their bikes on time and in the exact condition in which they were picked up. Daily Direct, LLC, drivers perform point-by-point inspection reports that are delivered to shipper and recipient. Fully insured, the business has been providing specialized services since 1988.

    Daily Direct, LLC, offers its motorcycle transport services to locations throughout the contiguous United States. All trailers are fully enclosed so that bikes do not experience inclement weather and are not publicly displayed. Quoted prices include $15,000 in insurance coverage, which comes with a $500 deductible. An extra $50 brings the deductible down to $0. With a Milwaukee terminal, Daily Direct, LLC, runs a number of routes throughout the East Coast as well as to several West Coast destinations. Motorcycle owners should book transportation well in advance of major rallies, as transportation spots are limited and run out quickly before major events.

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