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3 Important Motorcycle Maintenance Checks for Spring

Daily Direct LLC

Spring marks the beginning of riding season for motorcycle owners, and many will use professional transportation companies like Daily Direct LLC this year to send their bikes ahead to the locations of popular rallies across the country. Before shipping your bike to your first rally of the season with a company like Daily Direct LLC, take the time to make sure it has undergone the following spring maintenance checks.
Flush out the fuel system: If you did not add a stabilizer to your bike’s gasoline tank before storing it for the winter, the fuel system could be clogged with varnish. This impedes performance and can prevent the motorcycle from starting. Clean out your bike’s fuel system by dumping and cleaning out the carburetor’s float bowls and jets.
Examine your battery: Though it’s a simple fix, having a dysfunctional battery is still an inconvenience that no motorcycle owner wants to deal with before a ride. Use a voltmeter to ensure that the battery is showing at least 13 volts when your engine is off, check your cables for corrosion, and make sure your water level is at the fill line.
Test tires and brakes: Tires should be filled to the correct air pressure before the bike’s first season outing. Winter weather causes a decrease in pressure which can amplify the amount of wear on your tread and make the motorcycle more difficult to handle. It is also important while inspecting your tires to take a look at your brake pads to make sure they don’t need to be replaced.
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