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A Brief Overview of Winterizing Your Motorcycle

Daily Direct LLC

Daily Direct, LLC, operates, a motorcycle shipping specialist offering services throughout the United States. Through its website, Daily Direct, LLC, furnishes motorcycle and recreational video enthusiasts with everything they need to know about shipping services, while also providing useful riding information, such as tips on storing a bike over the winter.

When winterizing a motorcycle, it can be helpful to review some of the basic steps that must be taken prior to storing it for the winter months. To start, riders should have a secure, dry area in which to keep their vehicles. Even in a completely heat-controlled environment, individuals should outfit their motorcycles with covers to prevent harmful buildups of moisture.
Getting an oil change is another step that should be taken as part of the winterizing process. After new oil has been put in a bike, it is advisable to run the engine for at least a few minutes. Riders should also clean and wax their bikes, lubricate all moving pieces, and take out the battery, which also should be stored in a dry, warm place.

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