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Before Shipping Your Motorcycle

Daily Direct LLC

Daily Direct, LLC provides individuals and businesses throughout the United States with quality motorcycle transport services. Daily Direct, LLC supports clients every step of the way, from a pre-shipping checklist through successful delivery of the bike.

Many motorcycle delivery companies provide a number of helpful services when it comes to shipping. Professional transporters will often disconnect the battery, drain all necessary fluids, manage the gas tank, and even package the bike for transport. However, drivers can further streamline the shipping process by storing equipment in trunks and travel bags. This way, any additional parts being shipped with the bike will not scratch or otherwise damage the vehicle.
Arguably the most important aspect of pre-shipping preparation is a full inspection of the motorcycle. During this inspection, riders should carefully document any blemishes or damage to the bike. Individuals should not only provide a copy of this damage report to the shipping company, but discuss insurance options with the carrier. Finally, riders must not forget to pack their keys. It is often advisable to store the keys with the bike, even if the transporter has no need for them, but riders should also maintain a secondary set as a precaution.

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