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How to Prepare Your Motorcycle for Shipping

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A motorcycle transport company based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Daily Direct LLC offers transportation services to a broad range of residential and business clients. As part of its services, Daily Direct LLC advises customers on how to prepare their motorcycles for shipping.

Clean and inspect: Before shipping your motorcycle, perform a thorough cleaning, and remove all soil deposits on tires and wheels. Take note of damages such as scratches and dents, as this will help you identify any new damages after shipping. Many riders choose to take photos of their bikes for this reason.

Remove all accessories: Take off any alarms or loose items and store them in a safe location prior to shipping.

Check fluids and tire pressure: In general, your gas tank should be no more than a quarter full during shipping. Be sure to inflate all tires, fix all fluid leaks, and charge the battery.

Consider insurance: As with any object, shipping poses the risk of damage or theft. Shipping companies typically offer some kind of insurance option, which can protect against these risks.


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