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Motorcycle Weather Safety Tips from Daily Direct LLC

A motorcycle transport company dedicated to providing specialized services to clients across the U.S., Daily Direct LLC offers a full range of residential and business shipments. Daily Direct LLC uses a specialty system designed to minimize damage and wear and supplies customers with detailed inspection reports at all stages of the move.

When it comes to riding motorcycles in bad weather, it is more important than ever to keep safety firmly in mind. If there are tornado warnings in the area, stay away from highway overpasses, which actually act as funnels for flying debris. If you encounter lightning storms out on the road, seek shelter as quickly as possible. Although many people say that motorcycles are just as safe as cars in lightning, the National Weather Service advises otherwise.

In extremely hot weather, motorcycle riders run the risk of overheating and dehydration. To ward this off, be sure to take frequent breaks and hydrate regularly. Although you may be tempted to remove clothing to cool down, excessive exposure to the sun can cause sunburn and worsen dehydration.


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