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Official Transporter of the Mecum Motorcycle Auction

Daily Direct LLC

Headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Daily Direct LLC/ has engaged in the business of transporting motorcycles since 1988. The firm’s truck drivers are motorcycle riders themselves and are thus knowledgeable of the merchandise they are transporting. Daily Direct LLC is the official transportation firm for the Mecum Motorcycle Auction.

In 1986, Ron Christenson began ushering buyers and sellers of antique and vintage motorcycles together in auctions, and the MidAmerica Motorcycles auction group was formed. The group eventually established the annual MidAmerica Las Vegas Vintage Motorcycle Auction in Nevada.
Mecum Auctions bought interest in MidAmerica Motorcycles in a transaction that resulted in the formation of the Mecum MidAmerica Motorcycle division. Mecum continues to host the Las Vegas auction.
Based in Walworth, Wisconsin, Mecum conducts auctions throughout the country and is the global leader in road art, vintage and antique motorcycle, and collector car sales. Averaging over one auction per month the company offers over 20,000 lots a year.
In 2016, the firm held vintage and antique motorcycle auctions in Monterey, Chicago, and Las Vegas. Of note, a 1938 Crocker Small Tank motorcycle sold for $338,000 in Monterey.
For 2017, Mecum will host its Las Vegas auction, featuring 1,000 antique and vintage motorcycles, on January 25-28.

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