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Preparing a Motorcycle for Shipping with Haul Bikes

Daily Direct LLC

Daily Direct, LLC, operates Haul Bikes, a motorcycle shipping specialist that offers a variety of shipping options for individuals and groups. Daily Direct, LLC, also provides motorcycle enthusiasts with information about riding and taking care of a bike, ranging from topics such as storing a bike over winter to preparing a motorcycle for shipping.

Shipping a motorcycle should be a simple task, with a trusted shipping specialist handling the bulk of the work. That said, the owner should take care of a few preparatory tasks before handing the bike over for transportation.
If the individual wants to ship extra parts or other gear along with the bike, the items must be securely packed inside a bag or in the bike’s trunk in order to avoid a loose part scratching or denting the bike. Alternatively, riders can keep spare parts with them or ship them by another carrier.
A thorough inspection of the bike is the most important thing to do. The owner should make note of any marks or scratches on the bike and, preferably, document them with photographs. In the unlikely event that a bike incurs damage in transit, the bike owner can make an insurance claim up to $15,000. To learn more about shipping insurance, please visit Haul Bikes online at

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