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Taking Your Motorcycle out of Winter Storage

Daily Direct LLC

Daily Direct LLC is a motorcycle transport company offering a full range of shipping services in North America. With the summer months already upon us, Daily Direct LLC is an ideal option for motorcycle enthusiasts looking to take their bikes out of winter storage.

When removing your motorcycle from winter storage, it is important to take several precautions before getting out on the road. Hopefully, you changed all fluids and added fuel stabilizer before you left your bike for the winter. Even so, it is still important to check for corrosion damage to the brake lines, oil lines, brake cables, and frame. Riding your bike immediately can make this damage worse, meaning you may have to address these repairs first.
After checking the fuel and oil, take a look at the tires. If you kept weight off of the wheels and suspension, your ride is most likely ready to go. Nevertheless, you should still inspect all tires for cracks or stress marks, which can deteriorate quickly out on the road. If there are no issues with your motorcycle, start it up and enjoy your summer on the open road!

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