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Things to Consider Before Shipping with Daily Direct LLC

Daily Direct LLC

In operation since 1988, Daily Direct LLC is a national motorcycle hauling company based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. When shipping with Daily Direct LLC, there is no need to prepare your bike prior to shipping.

Daily Direct will do nearly all of the prep work for shipping their clients’ bikes. The company will handle details such as removing any fluids from the vehicle, including fuel, and disconnecting the battery. The customer’s only responsibility is to get the vehicle onto the trailer in the correct position.
Nevertheless, it is important that the client performs a thorough inspection of the motorcycle before leaving it for shipment. Any existing scratches or dents need to be documented beforehand for insurance purposes. Every transfer with Daily Direct LLC comes with a standard $15,000 policy that includes a $500 deductible. However, it’s possible to purchase a no-deductible plan for an additional $50.
While the shippers won’t need the keys, clients may attach the keys to the handlebars with tape. It’s still recommended to keep an extra set separate from the bike in case the first set is lost. Customers are also welcome to store any personal belongings inside their saddlebags or trunks.

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